Monday, 12 October 2015

On the day of Yogi’s death

On the day of Yogi’s death

by Michael Allen
In: SF Bay View, Sept. 30th, 2015

I really appreciate all the articles on the good brother Yogi Bear, RIP on Aug. 12, 2015. The day of his death, I told the oppressor I was suicidal and swallowed pills to overdose.

They did nothing – just left me in the cell to die. So I started a fire in my cell to get me help. They came, extinguished the fire, then pepper sprayed me.

After I got out of medical, I was put on suicide watch on B-yard [where Yogi was assassinated]. When we got there, it looked like a ghost town. There were cases of soup, jars of coffee and clothes just lying out on the yard and sally port.

Thank you, Bay View, for being our voice against those who try to keep us voiceless.

Send our brother some love and light: Michael Allen, T-55834, CSP Sac, A6-115L, P.O. Box 290066, Represa CA 95671.