Saturday, 15 August 2015

Since prisoncrats could not break him, they set him up

by Brian Keith Barnett
In: SF Bay View

Written Aug. 15, 2015 – On Aug. 12, 2015, I was listening to the California Report on NPR-PBS out of Calexico FM 97.7, on which it was reported that Hugo “Yogi” Pinell was stabbed in a riot that was said to have involved over 100 prisoners. The stabbing, according to the California Report, was gang retaliation, which does not make any sense.

More likely it was another instance in which an agent provocateur was promised some drugs or a cell phone to create a situation in which Yogi would be attacked, since the obvious fact is that the only people who would want Yogi murdered are correctional staff who resent the fact that Yogi was one of the San Quentin 6.

It is obvious that since prisoncrats could not break him by locking him down for 30 years (actually, 50 years in prison, 45-46 in solitary – ed.), they set him up. And I note that CDCR spokeswoman Terry Thornton was very quick to claim that the incident was gang related, when anyone with common sense knows that Yogi was not into petty tribalism.

Then the said spokeswoman claimed that Yogi supposedly had some sort of safety concerns, which, if any, were the malevolence of correctional staff. In my own opinion, based upon all that prisoncrats have sought to put him through and failed to turn him, it’s only obvious.

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