Monday, 17 August 2015

Hugo Pinell was locked up longer than any other SHU prisoner

by John Clutchette, Soledad Brother
In: SF Bay View

Written Aug. 17, 2015 – If you saw the news about the riot at Folsom Prison, then you heard that Yogi, Hugo Pinell, one of the San Quentin 6, was murdered.

Mr. (Keith) Wattley (my lawyer) was his attorney also, instrumental in getting him released from the SHU. He had been locked up since 1968, longer than any other SHU prisoner.

He was the only San Quentin 6 member who never got out. Fleeta Drumgo was killed in Oakland.

Yogi was Nicaraguan, but he aligned himself with the Black revolutionary struggle that existed during that time. He was a good brother.

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