Thursday, 1 May 2014

May 2nd: Hugo Yogi Pinell's Parole Hearing!

Hugo Pinell, also known as Yogi Bear, became one of the comrade brothers committed to our movement for justice and equality inside and outside prison walls.

Eligible for parole in 1985, Yogi has been denied  nine times despite not having a single write-up since 1984. He goes to the Parole Board again tomorrow morning, May 2nd.

In a letter to Terry Collins, dated April 12 of this year, Hugo wrote:

"It’s sometimes hard for me to believe i’ve been in these holes for 44 years straight! But it is true. Not only have i been without disciplinary infraction since 1984, but the historical incidents that left many dead, injured and damaged, on both sides, happened in 1970-71!

In October, i completed 49 years since i left the streets.

Terry, being in this kind of confinement is terrible, yes, in many ways, but trying to make it in the streets is harder, more challenging, ---and we knew that in the 60s, and that’s why we were working hard to change and prepare for the streets' reality. My Mom has kept me focused, too. In the 90s, when i was supposed to be getting released, she kept saying, “i’m proud of you, son, the way you’ve been working it, but i want to see you out here, all grown up, responsible and earning your ways of living.”

Hugo Pinell has now been locked up for nearly 50 years.  At the Parole hearing tomorrow, he could either be released to go home to his family, or given another denial of up to 15 years.  Enough is enough and too much is too much. 

Please keep Yogi in your thoughts and prayers in hope that the Parole officials will act humanely and release our brother. For more information, go to