Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hugo Pinell: A 1981 Speech

Greetings All:

Here's an archived tape sent from BJ (Billy Jennings) and available on the Panther Archive site:  It's a 1981 speech by Yogi who was then a Black nationalist but has since grown to become a true internationalist.

Yogi speaks about "Our 'Prison Black Movement,' which had started in California in 1967. The central committee, the nucleus of the movement, better known as the 'Black Counsel' respectfully selected W.L. Nolen as our chairman, Howard Tole as our co-chairman, and... "

Just click on this link and download it (it will open as Windows Media-player soundfile):

It is 20 minutes long, and halfway the file (after about 30'), another Folsom prisoner speaks, Edward Brooke [?]. At 50'20" a third man speaks on the New Man, Woman, and oppression of women, and the oppression caused by prisons.